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  • Level 1 Continuous Intake Options



A sprinklerfitter does the following:

  • Installs piping systems designed to protect life and property from fire.
  • Blueprint reading, drafting and sketching.
  • Selects and installs piping materials, fittings, hangers and supports.
  • Works with various types of piping materials – steel, plastic, copper and cast iron.
  • Solders, welds, threads and glues pipe joints.
  • Works in residential, commercials, industrial and institutional facilities.ovate, maintain and repair existing piping systems.
  • Must be physically fit and agile.
  • A sprinklerfitter must be intelligent, able to make decisions and be productive.

Excellent sprinklerfitters make in excess of $27.00 per hour plus benefits on average.

The following is the price breakdown for levels one through four:

Level Fees Amount
Level One Tuition Fee $500
(5 weeks) Registration Fee $250
Total $750
Level Two Tuition Fee $500
(5 weeks) Registration Fee $250
NFPA No. 13 Code $120
Total $870
Level Three Tuition Fee $500
(5 weeks) Registration Fee $250
Cross Connection Control Manual $95
Total $845
Level Four Tuition Fee $500
(5 weeks) Registration Fee $250
Total $750



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