A History of Pacific Vocational College

In 1981, Rob extended his career in piping trades as an instructor for the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Local 170.  Rob continued to upgrade himself and received a teaching diploma from Purdue University in 1986.  Rob taught Instructor Training Programs at Purdue University and later for Michigan State University every August since 1987.  In the spring of 1991 the Local union made a political decision and refused to teach non-union apprentices.  This is what ended the relationship between the Union trade school and the Apprenticeship Branch of the Provincial Government.

In 1991, during the last training session at the Local 170 Rumble Street school, Rob approached the Director of the Provincial Apprenticeship Board and said, “I should open my own school and train the Piping Trade apprentices”.  Without hesitation, the Director of Apprenticeship said, “You have three weeks to submit a business plan, find an appropriate location for the technical and practical training delivery, and be ready to deliver both Sprinkler fitting and Plumbing apprenticeship training.”  And so was the birth of Pacific Vocational College Ltd.

Pacific Vocational College, unlike other trades training schools in B.C., has revolutionized the training of apprentices.  PVC has developed their own curriculum and course materials which have been applauded in Canada and the United States.  They have tailored their programs to meet the needs of virtually any person who wishes to become a trades person.