This program is designed for Plumbers who have completed an Apprenticeship in B.C. and need to acquire Red Seal endorsement. Participants must bring their own National Plumbing Code of Canada (2015 Edition). Copies will be available for purchase at the College for $60.00 (including tax). Curriculum package, work sheets and sample exam questions are included in the course fees. Scheduling of I.P exam time & date as well as proof of upgrading (which may be required by the ITA), will be arranged by the College.

Note: If challenging the IP exam for the 3rd time or more, an ITA Exam Fee applies. The IP Exam Fee application is available online at

Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible to avoid being rescheduled and make your cheque payable to Pacific Vocational College Ltd. You may also pay by Direct Debit, VISA or MasterCard.

For more information contact 604-421-5255 or
Dates: November 12 – December 7, 2019

IP Upgrading Programs

Plumbing Interprovincial Exam Upgrade Training

Pacific Vocational College (PVC) created a plumbing review / upgrading / training program specifically for apprentices who had failed the plumbing interprovincial exam (IP) multiple times. The program was created specifically for this group with the single focus “No –Holds – Barred” Goal of passing the plumbing interprovincial exam. Our first group started the program April 2012 and our success rate was remarkable. Our second group started July 2012 and we had 13 out of 15 apprentices pass the plumbing IP. They were ecstatic ! Over the past 7 year we have run more of these programs than I care to mention. Not all groups were as successful as the July 2012 group but remarkable all the same considering our participants.

Insights and Lessons Learned

If a plumbing apprentice passes level 4 technical training but fails the plumbing IP exam they find themselves outside the system. Their apprenticeship is finished with the Industry Training Authority and they are on their own for any further assistance or funding.

If the apprentice passed the gas level “B” exam but failed the plumbing IP , the class “B” Gas License is put on hold (maximum 12 months and then it becomes void) unit the person passes the plumbing IP Exam

33 % of level 3 plumbing is gas fitting and 63 % of level 4 plumbing is gas fitting. Therefore if an apprentice does poorly in plumbing level 1 , 2 and 67 % of Level 3 , the potential for IP success is bleak.

The scope of the plumbing IP exam is so far reaching and all-encompassing it includes many areas that are not common practice and outside the scope of a plumbing apprentice.

The service and maintenance question on the plumbing IP exam are far too difficult for a 4th year apprentice. Most if not all responsible plumbing companies have their most experienced plumbers doing the troubleshooting and problem solving not their novice people.


The most pressing problem is to upgrade and prepare the apprentices as soon as possible after failing to pass the plumbing IP exam. Without specific exam preparation and training , none of these people will ever pass the plumbing IP exam and there it ends.

33 % of level 3 plumbing and 63 % of level 4 plumbing is devoted to class “B” gas fitter training. It is senseless to be “pushed through “ level 4 plumbing only to fail the plumber IP Exam.

The PVC  plumbing IP exam preparation program is a blessings for the apprentices caught in limbo.